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    SINCE 1972, PPM Management has been serving a variety of trainings which bring almost all studies in management studies, and of course, training related to other managerial skills. In order to participate in the development of human capital, PPM Management provide 66 Executive Development Programs, it should be noted that today we have added about 9 new training programs, and two other new programs as enhancement of the existing programs.

    With many experience in organizing a variety of training, and with the support of no less than 60 professional staffs, who continuously update the references, a variety of instruments to test the participants' understanding, case studies and also various forms of game which is expected to create fun atmosphere in the training program. Nevertheless, the staffs also continue to promote a comprehensive understanding of the topic of the training itself. There are at least 8000 training topics in PPM Management.

    To achieve maximum yang training, the training event is supported by several components such as:
    • Training Instructor, with support from more than 60 professional staffs who hold Master and Doctoral degree from Indonesia and overseas universities. Their continuous involvement in a variety of training, consultation and research activities further hone them into a qualified instructor in the field.
    • Participation method: this method is used to create the training atmosphere becomes more interesting and more conducive, for example: Role Play Game (play some figures with different backgrounds) is often done, of course, the focus of the game remains to the materials and training purposes.
    • Training materials: training materials periodically and continuously enriched and updated, adapted to the development of management studies.

    Facilities support: to support and "mengeksklasi" training process in the classroom, we restricted participants should not be more than 40 participants, in performing out training we also provides supporting equipment, which sought class atmosphere as comfortable as possible, the library facility as said to be the best resource center for management studies in Indonesia, a computer lab and a variety of other supporting facilities.

    Public Training 2014 Registration Form

    Download public training 2014 registration form

    Public Training Syllabus

    Decision Science 1. Minaut Indonesia 2. Creative Thinking Technique 3. System and Anticipative Thinking 4. Practical Problem Solving 5. Strategic Decision Making   Strategic Management 6. Company Strategic Planning 7. Managing Organizational Change 8. Corporate Parenting 9. Business Model Canvas 10. Product Innovation Management   Marketing Management 11. Marketing Management 12. Customer Service Orientation 13. [...]


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